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Long Clawson Dairy

Long Clawson Dairy was founded in 1911 when 12 farmers from the Vale of Belvoir, Leicestershire, formed a co-operative to produce Stilton® Cheese in the village of Long Clawson.

As a traditional company, Long Clawson Dairy is well known for its quality and innovation in Stilton® and Blended Cheese Markets. The company has prospered and today is supplied by over 40 farms, all from within the Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire area. With the guidance of ADAS and Long Clawson’s continuous commitment to energy efficiency, Energi were appointed to install a Solar PV array at their Leicestershire dairy.

As well as the commitment to sustainable energy, Long Clawson Dairy also saw the long term benefits of using Solar PV as a source of renewable energy. By generating their own electricity via Solar PV, Long Clawson would benefit from a reduction in electricity costs, a revenue stream and could also use the PV array to educate and inform employees and customers about renewable energy options.

The Long Clawson project came in two parts. The first area to look at was the existing old dairy building, and the second was a new development. The new building was in fact an extension onto the old dairy building, which gave Energi the challenge of finding a suitable solar solution viable for both roof spaces. The decision by Long Clawson to install a Solar PV array across both buildings demonstrates their commitment to energy efficiency for both old and new structures, something which Energi and ADAS are also dedicated to.

Energi identified the dairy buildings as being suitable for a 50kWp Solar PV system which would provide a high level of electricity generation and a strong return on investment for Long Clawson.

In order for Energi to achieve optimum performance and yield within the dairy roof area available, Energi installed 240w positive tolerance modules flat to the roof which was at a 10° pitch using 3 x SMA Tripower Inverters. These inverters are class leaders in terms of their productivity and offer 98% maximum efficiency. This method of installation enabled Energi to deliver a 50kWp system on a roof that a standard approach of having a higher pitch would not achieve.

The Solar PV modules provide a positive only power tolerance of +9% average and comes with a world leading performance guarantee of 90% after 30 years.

The modules come with a black anodised aluminium frame which Energi fit using black end caps for a sleek finish which is aesthetically pleasing as well as high performing. Visual appeal of the Solar PV array was important to Long Clawson, partially due to their countryside location. The Solar PV array also sits within a roof valley, resulting in little obstruction to the rural view whilst still offering optimum performance.

System Size49.92 kWp
Modules208 x 240w modules
Predicted Annual Yield42,000 kWh
InvertersSMA Tripower

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